Maximize Your Company’s Value

We create corporate financial strategies to maximize shareholder value for construction companies around the world.


What We Do

We create financial strategies that enable construction companies and construction materials companies to fulfill their organizations’ overarching objectives, as well as plan for continued growth to increase value. Our specialties in finance and high-performance computing gives us an edge in crafting tailored plans that weigh all the risks and opportunities in a constantly changing world. We take pride in serving our clients with diligence, respect, and integrity to ensure the best outcomes and a positive experience.

The Process:

1. We take time to understand the long-term vision of the company

2. We analyze the company’s financials, industry trends, financial markets, and economic data

3. We use this information to craft a customized strategic financial plan to fulfill the long-term vision of the company


Kutelleugo (Ugo) Kakwi, M.Fin.

Ugo has 4 years’ experience in construction accounting. He is passionate about people and believes helping construction companies grow sustainably will benefit future generations. He obtained a master’s degree in finance with a concentration in corporate finance as well as certifications in mathematics, machine learning, and high-performance computing. He is a candidate for level 1 of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification and is currently completing a master’s degree in computational engineering to enhance his skills in high-performance computing to deliver strategies with the highest efficacy.